Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Instrument of Love

Emma-Caroline found this little guy while we were out on the polo field on Sunday. She gently cared for it and brought it home to place in a shady spot in our garden. Her act was from a pure heart for God's creation and she was an instrument of his love as she cared for this tiny creature. In the same way, we all are instruments of God's love when our heart resides in love in whatever we do to shine God's light to another.
The smallest most seemingly insignificant act done to... serve another of God's creation through love is actually one of the most wondrous acts any one of us can allow to happen through our own very beings. And we are given countless opportunities to be God's instrument of love each day that we live. May you know that you are God's instrument of love to another and may you know that any act great or small done in love is a wonderful and glorious act of God.