Saturday, April 23, 2016

Choosing God's Glory

This morning I watched our dog Macy eagerly tracking a pair of doves she had seen in our back yard. They had long since flown away to the safety of an upper branch, but that didn't detour Macy in her pursuit of sniffing them out and doing her best to find them. After awhile she came back in tired from her pursuits, but content. She had followed her instincts and was doing what she was born to do, what really, she loves to do. 
Dogs and all of God's creatures instinctually follow what they are made to do in essence giving full glory to their Maker. As humans we too are each given gifts and talents, that when we use, ignite great contentment, joy, and love as we live into the persons God created us to be. But we have a choice of whether or not we will live into these gifts. May you live into your God given passions today and always and receive the gifts of peace, joy and love as you follow your own design.