Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jesus Feeds the 5000

Children’s Chapel
August 6, 2017

·        Welcome: Good Morning girls and boys! I am so happy to see you all this morning! Do we have any new friends with us? (Welcome new friends.)

·         Church Practice:
·         We are now in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time. The cloth on our Children’s Chapel altar is green today which is the color we use during Ordinary Time.  Who would like to move the arrow on our liturgical calendar? (Allow one child to come up to the calendar to move the arrow forward one week.) The arrow is now pointing to the ninth green square.  You will also notice that in big church the altar frontal, church dressings, and clergy stoles are green. (Light altar candles.) We light these candles to remind us that Christ is the light of the world. We remember that God is always with us, that Jesus lives in our hearts and that we are inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit. Before we begin our Bible lesson today, let us pray.

·        Children’s Collect:  Let us pray, Heavenly Father, we are here to worship and praise you. Open our hearts and minds so that we may hear your words spoken to us through the Bible story today. Give us strength that we may serve you through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives, and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

·         Introduction: We have learned in Children’s Chapel together that God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to share the treasure of God’s love with everyone. We have also learned that Jesus invites us everyday to share the treasure of God’s love through trusting in him and caring for and loving others as well as taking care of God’s creation. We know that God is always with us and that no matter how small we are, God’s love takes care of everyone and everything. God is amazing and awesome! Although we are made in God’s image, we are human and sometimes we think that there just isn’t enough love or food or houses or whatever to go around. But God’s love is overflowing. Let’s listen to the Bible story today to hear an example of God’s overflowing love through Jesus.
·         Bible Reference: (For Teachers) Matthew 14
·          Read aloud from the The Jesus Storybook Bible pp 243-249.
 (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand)

·        Response: When Jesus was approached by huge crowds who came to see him, he saw all of their needs and had great love for all of them. One of their needs was that the people were hungry. Jesus asked his disciples to feed the crowd, but they were not sure that they had enough to feed such a large number of people. One small boy came and gave Jesus his small offering of fish and bread to help feed the crowd. Jesus told the disciples to take the small offering and start sharing it with the people. The disciples did what Jesus said and to their amazement that small amount of food fed everyone and there was food left over. It was a miracle. As humans, we may think that there is not enough to go around, but in God’s kingdom, the treasure of his love is overflowing. God does not need us to make the treasure be enough, all we have to do is trust in him and God does the work for us.

·        Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank you for the gift of our lives. Thank you for loving each of us. Help us to remember that you are always with us as we trust in you. Shine your light of love through us so that we may be strengthened to do your work in the world. In your holy name,

·             Response Activity will be provided.

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