Monday, September 26, 2016

Made in His Image

Sunday School Lesson
October 2, 2016

Theme: “Made in His Image”

I.         Entry /Snack (5 minutes): All children will be greeted and welcomed at the door by an adult teacher. Children will then be directed to quietly enter the room and find a seat at one of the tables where they will have a small snack. Encourage children to use small, quiet voices as they talk with their friends. This beginning time allows time for fellowship and sets the tone for a calm, peaceful environment.

II.       Gather Time (3-5 minutes) Ring the chime found on the altar table: Teachers will invite all children to find a place on the “Gathering Carpet” for group check-in and discussion. Welcome each friend as they say his/her name.

III.     Bible Lesson (12-15 minutes)
A.  Introduction: In the last couple of weeks we have been talking about God’s creation from the very beginning. (Using Creation Picture Cards Review the Days of Creation up through Day 5) Let’s review the days of God’s Creation. (For each day of creation, pick a child to hold up the card in front of the group.) Today we will read the rest of the Creation story. Let’s listen.
B.  Bible Reference (Read from the Jesus Storybook Bible pp 25-27.)

A.  Response: On the sixth day of creation God made man and woman and he made them in his image. I wonder, what is an image? (Allow answers.) You are right! An image is a picture or a a likeness of someone or something. God made human beings, you and me, in his image, which means we are like God. This does not mean that we are God, but rather we are like God. In the Bible it says that God is love. If we are like God, we are also created to be love in the world. God made each one of us in his image and placed very special gifts from him in each one of us so that he could shine his light through us to be love in the world. Who can tell me again the very first thing that God created? Light! Yes, God created light. Do you remember who is God’s light in the world? (allow answers.) Yes! Jesus is the God’s light in the world. Jesus has always been in the world from the very beginning as the light and Jesus continues to be the light of the world. Because God loves us so much, Jesus was born as a human being to live among us. Through Jesus we know God’s love more fully. As we trust in God, he shines his light through us to be love in the world. We are strengthened by God’s love to be able to care for all of God’s creation.

B.  Response Activity: (15 minutes) Today we are going to make a “image” of ourselves. I will give you this little paper doll and you will color it to look like you.

I.         Closing and Dismissal: (3 minutes) Teachers will invite children to clean up and come back to the “Gathering Carpet” for prayer and a benediction before dismissal. One teacher stand at the door to greet parents as they pick up their children. Children will remain in the carpet until their parent comes.
A.  Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of your creation from light to every creature that lives upon the earth. Help us to take care of your creation and to always see it’s goodness that you planned from the very beginning. Amen
B.  The Lord’s Prayer (Say together.)
C.  Benediction: Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord. (All) Thanks be to God!

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